Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions, A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives

Sales Training
Doesn't Develop
Sales Champions.
Managers Do.

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Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions

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Used by teams at
Microsoft, Pepsico, Oracle, GE, IBM

Best Book on Sales Coaching to Win More Sales

"There is no other single activity to boost sales that works better than sales coaching and this book is the best ever written on how to do it well."
- Brian Tracy, Author of Getting Rich Your Own Way

Proven Sales Coaching Framework

“Establishing an effective coaching program was one of the highest priorities for Microsoft sales managers. We chose Keith Rosen’s sales coaching framework for this global initiative because his approach makes a difference – it’s not simply theory and concepts – it’s practical with real-world situations. His coaching framework is universally accepted, embraced by and complementary to every region, culture and business unit, regardless of where you are located throughout the world.”
- Mark Selleck, Senior Director, Microsoft

Essential for Every Sales Manager

"Few management books are specific to salespeople and those of us who work with salespeople understand they're a different breed. Keith Rosen's book is a great one to study and apply or pick up here and there when you have a special need. His coaching ideas are clearly explained and easily executed."
- Tom Hopkins, author of How to Master the Art of Selling

Playbook to Develop and Retain Top Performers

"Great playbook that all leaders should read and reference.  Keith has done a tremendous job outlining the importance of coaching vs. managing. Implementing Keith's playbook will drive the development of high performance salespeople and superior results."
- Kelly Carioti, Vice President, PepsiCo